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Dreams do come true… and to Vienna ! Legendary Coco aka @gypsetcity
is coming to town. Looking, no wait actually
rolling very much forward to this unique event.

Gypset City Yoga + Skate By Coco present


This workshop day will start at 10 am and is broken into three sections.

instagram @gypsetcity
facebook event

Sunday, July 9th

10:00 Yoga for

This Workshop is from 10:00-11:15
Cost: 25 Euros

Break from 11:15 to 12:15

12: 15 Street and Artistic Skate and workshop

This Workshop is from
12:15- 14:15
Cost: 55 (50 Euros if paid by early bird deadline).

Break from 14:15 to 15:00

15:00 Handstand Workshop
This Workshop is from 15:00- 17:00.
Cost: 55 (50 Euros if paid by early bird deadline).

Again, these workshops are for ALL LEVELS as I will be going over the
foundations of handstand, stretching, breathing and street skate
techniques needed in order to build a solid handstand, yoga or skate
practice. Please see below for what you can expect to learn in these

TBD: I am waiting to confirm a location but it will be central Vienna.

What to bring:
Yoga type of mat, skates and protection if you feel you need it.

Price for Skate or Handstand two hour workshop and Early Bird Deal :
50 Euros if paid BEFORE the end of Wednesday, Jun 28th and 55 Euros
anytime after that or on the day of the workshop. PLEASE PAYBEFORE

Price for all 3 workshops. Yoga, Handstand, and Skate:
120 Euros if paid BEFORE the end ofWensesday, Jun 28th.
After this date
or on the day of the workshop, the price for a 3 will be 135 Euros.

Additional Discounts:
Please understand that this is my only form of work and I cannot afford
to give special or extra discounts as I need to make sure I can take
care of travel expenses along with other costs. Anyone who is coming to
my workshop you are supporting me and my craft which allows me to travel
to teach. Thank you all so very much for your love and support because
without you all I couldn’t be doing what I love ♥

What you can expect in the Yoga for Skaters/Athletes Workshop:
We will go over proper body alignment while stretching. Learn how to
breathe during body moments. Determine what exercises help further your
skating practice and how to incorporate this into your own yoga practice
or workout. Creating the foundations for inversions such as crow,
forearm balance, and handstand.

What you can expect in the Handstand Workshop:
In the Handstand workshop, we will go over core workouts to target the
areas needed to get you upside-down. From there we move on to a
hand-balance workout which will be headstand press, forearm balances or
perhaps both depending on the level of the class tossed in with a few
fun exercises. After we have the bases down we will then start to take
flight. Learning how to either kick up, press up, or jump up into your
handstand. After our peak pose practice, we will then, cool down and
have a short chat to answer any questions you might have.

What you can expect in the Street Skate Workshop:
This is an open workshop we will go over ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you
guys want!!!! And if nobody has any suggestions, then we will go over
how to skate forward and stop. How to make clean transitions from moving
front to back (perfect for people who want to backward skate).
Depending on the level of the class we can then work on backward skating
and learning how to stop while being backward. We will get into some
street skating techniques and get you guys comfortable in skating on
crazy bumpy roads!!!! Then if we are up for it, we will move into some
fun artistic moves starting with learning how to spin. As well as
learning different types of spinning. In closing, we will work on
cleaning up your style, regardless if you’re a seasoned skater or a
beginner. This will be a time to ask questions on things you’ve been
already working on. (This class is subject to change if we have more
advanced students who would like to learn more then basics. We would
split up the class and each set would learn different moves).

Please post ALL questions either on Instagram and or email

For payment and to register your spot in the workshop:
You can pay via paypal to account (please use
option send money to a friend to avoid extra fees). For account transfer
payments, email me directly for my account information at and of course, you can pay at the beginning of the
workshop (cash)

Conditions of registration:
To reserve and pay for your spot for a workshop,
please register in writing by sending us an e-mail to
We will need the following information:
- name/surname of the participant(s)
- cell phone number and e-mail address
And level of experience
A booking is complete once your payment has been received.

Cancellations must be written per e-mail and should arrive at least 7
days before the booked workshop’s date. In this case, we will refund 50%
of the class fee. After this time period, we cannot refund the
class fee (not even with a doctor’s note) however, you can send another
person as a replacement and get this person to pay you back. The workshop might be canceled if the minimum number of registrations is not reached 8 days before the date. We will immediately inform you if a workshop is fully booked out or canceled.

Short notice registration:
If you only can decide spontaneously on a workshop: please enquire via email if there are still spots available. If you register with short notice you are required to pay within 48 hours before the course or in cash at the workshop.
If not, we might give away your spot!

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