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Inhibit old habits and Prime UP

Backpain anyone? problems with the neck or knees?
Maybe some other chronic issues or a general lack of energy?
... or temper issues?

We are very used to do things our way, to be like we are and to know what feels right to ourselves!  All our life we built a set of functions in our body (and mind for that matter) that served us well ...more or less ...

We suggest that our (central) set of functioning could use an upgrade!
Prime Up - refers to "Primary Control" as taught by F.M Alexander.


In the quote above we refer to what is called "Faulty Sensory Appreciation" in the AT, the fact  that what feels right might actually be very far from functionally beneficial.
(Have you ever seen a picture/video of yourself that revealed a very different "look" from what you pictured to look like? - well, there we are ... ;-)


to DO NOTHING - (to learn to inhibit your first habitual impulse / reaction) can help you:
- chose optimal operative performance (look VERY good while using less energy)
- create conscious control of yourself  (a bit like the jedi .. )
- effortlessly walk the surface of the earth ...
- enjoy every task at hand ...
- be aware ...
- be nicer (for once ... )
- make better decisions ...
- ... this could go on forever.. really :-)

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